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Innovative Speciality Lubricants

All of us at Klüber Lubrication appreciate opportunities to share our experience in speciality lubricants with you and we have been your partner for lubrication engineering since 1972.

Klüber Lubrication

Innovative tribological solutions are our passion and through personal contact and consultation, we help our customers to be successful.

Our goal is to develop products and services that meet or exceed the extreme demands found in the many industries we serve and through our lubrication programs we help protect your equipment and make your life easier by consolidating lubricants, improving reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

Your Partner in Great Britain & Ireland

Whether it's working with a machine builder on their machine design, assisting plant maintenance teams with increasing their machine uptime, or working side-by-side with one of our many professional distribution partners to support customers with more cost-efficient and reliable lubrication solutions, we are always ready to assist you throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability in the Industry

At Klüber Lubrication environmental protection and powerful operations go hand in hand. We take this responsibility seriously and support environmental protection and sustainability in many ways – with our speciality lubricants and customer-oriented services.


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Learn More About Kluber Lubrication Great Britain Ltd

Klüber Lubrication's YouTube Channel

Services Kluber Lubrication Great Britain Ltd Provide

Lubricants & Lubrication Services

Lubricating Greases

A comprehensive range of high quality lubricating greases that enable us to select the optimum product for your application

Lubricating Oils

A comprehensive range of high quality mineral and synthetic high-performance lubricants

Lubricating Pastes

Assembly pastes that provide reliable performance under extreme conditions

Lubricating Waxes

Lubricating waxes and wax emulsions

Lubricating Sprays

Sprays from Kluber Lubrication can make it easier to carry out lubrication activities, in almost all industries

Bonded Coatings

Longer component service life thanks to optimal anti-friction properties in bonded coatings

Corrosion Inhibitors

Industrial corrosion protection agents that extend component life

Hydro Lubricants

Increased efficiency with lubricants that contain water as a functional component

Process Lubricants

Lubricants for metal forming processes

Lubricant Dispensers

Automatic lubricant dispensers that reduce maintenance costs and optimise performance

MyKlüber App

Product information is now available on the spot – the MyKluber App is a new service offered by Klüber Lubrication that allows you to access relevant information simply by scanning the label on your smart phone or tablet


Services for optimum energy efficiency of your lubricant application. Reports on concrete savings


Support for your lubrication management and maintenance programme/TPM considering the necessary lubrication maintenance tasks


Oil condition analysis and grease condition analysis in order to optimise the productivity of your plant


Commissioning, running-in and repair lubrication services that increase the lifetime of your cost-intensive components such as large open gear drives


Operator, Engineer, SME and tailor-made training packages that improve the efficiency of an extremely important asset - people

“…thanks for the excellent service we continue to receive …the Klüber range is being used in the chocolate bar department, and other product plants, with visible benefits …”

- Confectionery Manufacturer -

“…when it comes to a choice between a short-term, quick return and suffering later, or spending a few ‘pennies’ more at the outset for a longer-term performance, I believe in going for the second option…”

- Bottled Water Company -

“… during our relationship with Klüber we have enjoyed the expertise, help and technical back up of a large lubrication organisation working as partners to help develop products for the ever-demanding motorsport environment…”

- Formula One Constructor -

“…since using your lubricants problems have ceased. In addition we have extended re-lubrication periods by a factor of 3 … a cost effective package, saving man hours and costly machine stoppage time…”

- Cyder Company -

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Longbow Close, Pennine Business Park, Huddersfield, HD2 1GQ
Tel: +44 1422 205115

The Kluber Lubrication Great Britain Ltd Team

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team are here to work closely with you in order to provide you with long term cost-effective solutions.

Area Sales Manager - North & East England
Sales Manager
Business Development Manager - Food Industry
Technical Services Manager
Technical Services Engineer
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